How to Choose the Right Foundation for My Skin Type.

How to Choose the Right Foundation for My Skin Type: A Comprehensive Guide from The Beauty Gallery

You’re standing in front of the makeup aisle, bombarded by a kaleidoscope of colours, formulations, and brands that all promise you the moon and the stars. But which foundation will be your soulmate—the one that accentuates your natural beauty while treating your skin right? The struggle is real. But don’t worry; at The Beauty Gallery, we’re here to guide you.

Know Thy Skin

Before thinking about brands or shades, you need to understand your skin type. Is it oily, dry, or a combination? The secret sauce is in choosing a foundation that complements your skin. At The Beauty Gallery, located just 25km from Perth’s city centre, our highly skilled therapists are committed to understanding your skin’s needs. We stock a broad range of products like Thalgo, Ultraceuticals, MD Ultraceuticals, DMK, and Issada mineral makeup. It’s not just about adding a layer to your skin; it’s about adding a layer that fits.

Real-life Story – Kristy

Take Kristy, for instance. She experienced the DMK treatment and said, “The whole process was amazing; she made me feel at ease. The ambience of the room where I had the treatment was calming. I felt EXTREMELY relaxed after my treatment, and my skin was glowing!” When your skin is cared for, even your foundation sits better. And if you’re serious about skincare, you’re in the right place.

Look For The Features

Once you’ve sorted your skin type, consider what else you want in a foundation. Long-lasting? SPF? Hydrating? Or perhaps you’re after a full coverage option for those glamorous nights out in Perth. When you visit The Beauty Gallery, you’ll find that we’re not about pushing products. As Bekah R puts it, “They were informative about the products that would work for my skin, but not pushy in getting me to buy them! It was a great experience; I’ll be back!”

Do The Patch Test

Swatch the foundation on your jawline, not your arm. Your face and arm are not twins; they can be different shades! The aim is to make your foundation look like a second skin. Apply a small amount and let it settle. Walk around. Take a selfie. You’ve found ‘ The One ‘ if it seamlessly blends into your skin.

Real-life Story – Kath Ohara

Kath has been a regular client at The Beauty Gallery for years. “I always enjoy my time out for me and feel very relaxed following a treatment,” she states. When you feel relaxed, you make better choices. That’s why we encourage an obligation-free chat with our experts; call us at +61 8 9309 5677 to get started.

Make it a Habit.

Finding the perfect foundation isn’t a one-off event; it’s a journey. Your skin changes with seasons, age, and even your mood. That’s why we continually offer a wide range of treatments and products to suit your requirements. As Helen M sums it up, “The spa itself is immaculately clean and presented to a high standard; it feels like a spa resort. Great range of products with advice on hand.”

At The Beauty Gallery, we look, listen, and tune into personalised treatments and home care. We’re open from Monday to Saturday, with evening appointments available on Wednesdays and Thursdays. We’re your allies in making you look and feel your best, from foundation to fabulous.

Looking for a place where the focus is solely on you and your skin? The Beauty Gallery is the answer. We’re not just a luxury beauty salon and day spa; we’re a sanctuary for your skin. And like all things luxurious, it’s best experienced first-hand. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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