Thalgo Absolute Purifying Mask


RRP: $60.00

Skin Type: Oily Skin , Combination Skin

Thalgo Absolute Purifying Mask is Rich in Absorbent Clay and Astringent Witch Hazel, this skincare mask removes sebum and impurities in just 10 minutes for fresh, clear skin.

Active Ingredients:

Witch Hazel extract – the astringent action of its tannins tightens pores, thus restricting the flow of sebum.

Fucus Spiralis and Tetraselmis chui – help regulate production of sebum, reduce shine and the appearance of enlarged pores; help prevent bacterial spread

Sève Bleue from the Oceans – significantly increases the skin’s moisture levels and stimulates its cellular metabolism

This product replaces the Thalgo Deep-cleansing Absorbent Mask

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